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Gabinete de Servicios para la Calidad is your solution. A technical and quality consultancy providing comprehensive services to assist you in everything you need: from implementing a management system ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your laboratory to offering advice on the technical aspects you require or providing training.

We are experts in facilitating the work of both testing laboratories and inspection entities. Our goal is to accompany you at all times and achieve improvement in your results by guaranteeing technically correct, innovative, and efficient processes.

With over 25 years of experience collaborating with national reference laboratories, other official bodies, and private sector entities, we stand by your side with our team of expert consultants and dedicated personnel. Furthermore, over a decade ago, we became the first provider of Accredited Agri-Food Intercomparison Programs by ENAC (Accreditation No. 6/PPI011).

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We want to be your technical and quality management partner

Having a well-implemented quality management system in your organization is essential to:
  • Implement a work methodology focused on achieving objectives
  • Identify and align work processes in the company to meet customer needs
  • Define how to carry out day-to-day tasks efficiently with the resources available to the company
  • Describe what each person in the organization should do to achieve the expected results
  • Know how to develop a business strategy considering human, economic, and infrastructural resources
We assist you in all functions of your company by taking on support activities through the comprehensive service we offer, covering various areas related to the main quality management standards.

Audit and Consultancy

We carry out internal audits, also online, to verify compliance with the regulatory and technical requirements of the system and to achieve the accreditations you propose through a study of your quality system thanks to the technical advice we offer.


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Discover the ISO standards we can help you achieve!


Proficiency Tests

We offer interlaboratory tests that allow you to assess your laboratory by comparing your results with those of other companies related to your sector. Externally verify your laboratory. We can help you!

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Empower your professional development with our courses

Achieving quality management and excellence in your organization is accomplished through specialization, which is gained through knowledge and experience. At GSC, we help you specialize. We offer a wide variety of blended format courses, simultaneously conducted live and in-person, with scheduled dates that you can check on our calendar. Additionally, we can design customized training based on your needs.

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We offer solutions that simplify your tasks

Are you looking for products that enable you to conduct internal calibrations or perform calculations for your chemical or microbiological tests? At GSC, we have spreadsheets, procedures, and validation sheets at your disposal.

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At GSC, we are passionate about making the difficult easy. That’s why we offer a wide range of consulting, auditing, and training services to help you implement an appropriate quality management system in your organization. We place our experience and knowledge at your disposal to save you time and drive you towards growth and improvement, always adapting to your needs.

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